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Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch

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Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch
Miss Ann, Los Angeles Switch

About me:

56 year old Female from Los Angeles, California (CA), USA

Miss Ann

Switch dominatrix in Los Angeles

Aside from being a woman, Miss Ann is also creative, smart, and attractive. She has a delightfully erotically playful personality and is vivacious, warm, sensual, unpretentious, and charming. Allow Miss Ann to join you in the pursuit of your fetishes, kink, and D/s fantasies.
Bonding, the Dominant/Submissive dynamic, discipline, and S&M sound like fascinating topics, and Miss Ann can't wait to learn more about them through kink-tastic adventures.

Your dominant and submissive fantasies

Because each of us brings our own set of skills and experiences to the table, each session is always different.
If you tell me exactly what you're interested in discovering and how your Dominate/submissive and sensual fantasies play out, I'll be on the lookout for opportunities to fulfil those desires and improve the quality of my service to you.
Do you find the prospect of administering a good spanking to an uncovered derriere appealing?
Do you like costumes and role play? To what extent do you indulge your fetishes?
Do you ever consider tying a woman up?
What about other forms of bonding in your fantasies?
Why not make a lady your new best friend and train her to be your loyal puppy?
I'll roll over if you will.
Way to go, young lady!
To an extent, I will obey your commands.

Explore your intimate Fantasy scenarios

I'm a good person to mess around with if you're a beginner with some curiosity.
I'm not here to pass judgement; rather, I want to help you and make your time with me enjoyable.
Another possibility is that you and your girlfriend have not yet reached a comfort level where you feel ready to discuss such issues.
On the other hand, perhaps you're just looking to hone your skills.
Or maybe you want to explore that dark fantasy that has been dormant for too long. Intimate fantasies can be explored safely in my company.

Some of my favourite role play scenarios are:

I am a business associate with whom you are trying to close a deal; I am wearing a business suit over lingerie, and I have invited you to my hotel room during a sales conference.
Unbeknownst to me until I did some research on me - you, I discovered that I am submissive in the BDSM community.
With this information in hand, you can use it to your advantage to close the deal and earn a bonus.

My friends have all told me how wonderful you are at relieving stress through sex therapy.
I am told your methods are unconventional, but to go with it. And now I find myself in your office.

I am the manager of your company, and I know how to come across as cold and professional.
When it comes to making decisions, I am always in charge and always get the last say.
We are on a business trip, and you have no idea that you have a submissive side.
Please come to my room so that we can debrief about today's meeting.
I invite you into my room, where I will be wearing a latex dress, catsuit, or other provocative outfits, and from there I will seduce you into taking control of me (Top Me) by appealing to your submissive kinks.
You see, you realise that my dominant professional demeanour at work is balanced by my submissive personality at home.

We've started going on dates and learning more about each other.
I knocked over my large bag, containing a copy of "Fifty Shades of Gray" that appeared to have been read several times, and spilled its contents onto the coffee table.
What's yours to take?
"So you dig this, huh?"
I awkwardly say, "Yes."
You grin and say, "Then we should begin your training."


Your sexy neighbour agreed to water the house plants while you were gone, and when you returned, she was in your bedroom, looking at all your toys, which are now on the bed but were hidden when you left.
What are your plans?

Wouldn't it be satisfying to bend your flirtatious voluptuous secretary over your desk, tying her there with some rope, so you can spank her, maybe even paddle her, before taking all her holes so she knows who is running the office on a daily basis?

You follow her out of the sidewalk cafe, catching up to her and smiling, "Let's do something delightfully unexpected"

She is on her way to your office.
Caught with the football team in the boys locker room, having them finish with a circle jerk spraying on her.
You are responsible for ensuring her well-being.
You're wondering if you should double-check her credentials.
Sexual orientationslut

Contact info:

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Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Rope bondage / Suspension
Dungeon / Playroom

Extra Services:

Service Topping: bondage/mummification, Tease and denial, Sensory Play, Edging, Erotic Spanking, Light to Medium Impact Play, Light to Medium CBT, Body Worship, Tickling, Electrical Play. Submissive Menu: discipline, training in obedience, being your toy
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