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Portland Mistress Natasha Strange

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Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange
Portland Mistress Natasha Strange

About me:

55 year old Female from Portland, Oregon (OR), USA

Natasha Strange

Portland Mistress

I am a Portland mistress and I provide BDSM coaching and instruction to women and couples.  I do professional domination for sincere submissives and bottoms. Not far from Portland's central business district, my business partner and I run the exclusive fetish club Sub Rosa.
I have been doing this for over twenty years. So, whatever it is you're into, I've got the expertise (and the tools!) to help you pursue it.

An Exploration of Fetish Play and Power Dynamics with Portland mistress

I think everyone who explores kink and BDSM is looking for something more than just a physical experience.
Some customers seek the release of endorphins from severe flogging or spanking. Others enjoy the fantasy of bondage as a form of escape. Some people actively seek out the experience of being exploited in this way.

While I enjoy engaging in more conventional forms of BDSM like bondage, OTK spanking, and impact play. I also take great pleasure in exploring more unconventional forms of sex in the dungeon. I get a kick out of embarrassing situations like diaper changes, age play, zentai, odd fetishes, and out-there roleplays. But, regardless of the nature of the game, I will use my wits to bend you to my will.

People say I enjoy emasculating and sissifying men.
Every week, I have submissives travel to Portland from all over the United States to spend a day dressing and serving me.

One of the Best Places to Get Naked in Portland

Sub Rosa, is my personal dungeon in the heart of Portland. It is a gorgeously appointed space with all the amenities a prisoner could want.
It has a bondage wall, a custom bishop's chair, and an exam table with restraints. It's an impressive queen-size bondage bed, a solid spanking horse, a vintage leather sling with multiple restraint points, and my twisted imagination.

Portland mistress Natasha Strange, A sensual sadist, that's me.

Whether it's from a spanking, flogging, whipping, or just humiliation. I take great pleasure in seeing you writhe in pain and feeling your skin warm under my hand.
I enjoy hitting you, but I enjoy the anticipation of it even more. My excitement is matched only by the fear I can see in your eyes and hear in your voice as we approach this moment. The more you tremble and panic, the more I want to let go and really lay into you, but not as much as I want to watch your fear grow for my own amusement.

I will dismantle you and reassemble you in my own image.
Your allegiance to me will be owed.
To shape you.
Join my small but devoted collection of perfectly perverted playthings.
I have a high standard for satisfaction.
I am a tough customer to please.
In any case, you'll make an effort to help me accomplish both, right?

However, Pain Isn't Always the Focus of BDSM and Kink.

Even though I have a dark side. I know that pain is not a good motivator for everyone.
I will tweak my strategies until I find the perfect formula for bending and shaping you to my liking.
When you've been going through hell in your head for a while, you might be wishing I'd hit you instead.
Though I have many weapons at my disposal, my curvy body, soft seductive voice, and wicked imagination are the most effective.

I don't care if it hurts or not; I'm going to get what I want.

I enjoy testing your limits to see how far you'll go to make me happy.
I get a kick out of being the one to take you further than you thought possible in our games.
What do you think about playing some light teasing and denying games?
You will come away from them with an appreciation for true suffering, and without having to endure any actual pain yourself.
Nothing more than the heaviness of pent-up longing to call your attention to me.

Sensual Portland Mistress

When I play, I like to use as many senses as possible, whether there is pain or just a painful amount of pleasure.
I enjoy completely obliterating you.
When I roleplay, things happen quickly and are usually very realistic.
The ideal state for you to be in when I pull you over my lap is one of regret, meekness, revitalization, and a desire to take more.
Gender studies?
I want you to experience the full range of emotions that come with being the focus of my sexual desire.
That you are helpless and at my whim should be a sobering thought with each inhale.
Sexual orientationSadistic Goddess

Contact info:

State:Oregon (OR)
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
Hard sports / Toilet training
Water sports
Mummification / restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
Dungeon / Playroom
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