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Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress

Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress
Mistress Brigitte, Seattle Mistress

About me:

55 year old Female from Seattle, Washington (WA), USA

Mistress Bridget

Seattle Mistress

I am Seattle Mistress, Mistress Brigitte, a French disciplinarian with years of experience and maturity who resides in Seattle, Washington, approximately 15 minutes away from the airport. My interests range from physical violence to psychological subjugation and cover a wide breadth of ground. I am fortunate enough to have access to private play space in Burien, and it is there that I routinely torment the most fortunate of subjects. I get a kick out of training naughty boys, expanding well-seasoned slaves, and everyone in between. It's a wide variety of tasks that I enjoy.
I take pleasure in causing others distress and have a streak of sadomasochism in me.

Are you a non-submissive masochist?

Masochists who are not submissive are more than welcome to come to sessions with me as long as they conduct themselves in a respectful manner.I am savage, gifted, intelligent, breathtaking, hilarious, and humble all at the same time (Just kidding about that last one).

I enjoy spanking, the cane, feminisation, sissy training, role-play, and many other forms of discipline.I particularly enjoy age play and turning naughty boys into slutty wenches by putting them over my laps and giving them a good bare bottom spanking, as well as turning them into wenches."

Seattle Mistress, Mistress Bridget asked this question quite frequently: "what is your fetish mistress?"

The fact of the matter is that I am completely obsessed with spanking. When I have someone over my lap who is half naked and ready to be spanked, there is something extremely erotic about the situation. Also, one of my very favourite things about composing music is experimenting with different instruments and effects to create unique sounds.

I find that beginning the spanking with my bare hand is most effective. It is a pleasant way to ease into the topic and get an idea of his pain threshold at the same time.

At the same rate that his bottom is getting warmer, so is my hand. When his cheeks reach that endearing shade of pink, I like to switch to a different instrument and continue playing. I have a preference for leather straps, wooden hairbrushes, and standard metal and wooden school rulers. Bringing me a new spanking implement for my collection is an excellent way to win points in my book. Because there are so many different ways to administer a spanking, it is never boring, particularly when we incorporate role-playing into the mix.

When it comes to Dominance and Submission, spanking is at the very core of the power dynamic that develops between the participants.

There is also an innate trust involved, as well as a return to a time when people were more innocent: the spankee regresses to an earlier age when he was more vulnerable.
The corrections and discipline are given by the spanker in a manner that is firm but loving.
Sexual orientationStraight

Contact info:

State:Washington (WA)
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
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