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Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress

Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress
Miss Mae Ling, Nevada Mistress

About me:

33 year old Female from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV), USA

Miss Mae Ling

Nevada Mistress

Dominator who does not pass judgement and creates a secure environment for exploration.

Nevada Mistress, Miss Mae Ling is a well-educated globetrotter who has developed in a way that allows her to deviate from the accepted social norms.
Always open to new information, inquisitive, and brimming with love and passion.

By following my instincts and following what my heart tells me to do, I've been able to surround myself with wonderful people.
I have prioritised finding my own happiness over everything else, and as a result, I have found natural highs that unlock the door to hedonism.
Takes pleasure in pushing the mental, physical, and emotional limits of others in the pursuit of establishing more meaningful connections with them.
Thrives on the creation of tense situations that challenge everything the audience has ever believed about pain and pleasure, their own sexuality, and the blending of fantasy and reality.

Full-time dominatrix

I quit my job in order to foster my creativity, seek artistic inspiration, and liberate my individuality, so I could pursue these goals.
It was a lie that I did not want to continue telling myself that I needed to conceal the fact that kink had become a significant part of my life.

When I realised how therapeutic it was to harness the dark traumas of my past and let them lead me to forgiveness, BDSM turned from being a practise into a way of life for me.

I went from being shy and insecure to being confident, accepting, and loving of myself.
I have discovered how stunningly beautiful I am through each and every caress, kiss, spank, bite, and squeeze.
My eyes sparkle with a brilliant light, and the gentle curve of my lips casts a warm glow around me.


I do not smoke, drink alcohol or do any drugs. If you don't come to me in your most authentic form, without any interruptions, I won't even consider you.Intoxication will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

When interacting with other people, discretion is of the utmost importance; however, I don't hide the fact that I live a certain lifestyle in the hopes that it will pique others' interest and make it simpler for novices to try out what they want for the first time.


What about you?

You might believe that I am the right person for you, but ask yourself this: are you the right person for me?
Someone who has a genuine interest in providing service to Miss Mae Ling would be my ideal replacement. Finding a Domme who can guide you and open your mind while also helping you make a genuine connection.

You are open to being shaped, rewired, and altered into a version that is superior to suit my needs and preferences. You are kind, helpful, and an important factor in my overall happiness. You find great pleasure in sharing a good laugh with me and in making me happy.
You are someone who has the desire to see me succeed, who is willing to assist me in the construction of my empire, and who will provide support in any way, no matter how big or how small.

Contact info:

City:Las Vegas
State:Nevada (NV)
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Rope bondage / Suspension
Dungeon / Playroom
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