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Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress

Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress
Madam Electra, Rochester Mistress

About me:

54 year old Female from Rochester, New York (NY), USA
Madame Electra
Rochester Mistress
Whispers of Kink was established by me, Madam Electra, and I serve as its Head Mistress.

You are welcome to sit on my throne!
Mature and full-figured A lifestyle that was dominant for 12 years before turning professional. I take great pleasure in tailoring an experience that is one of a kind and one of a kind only for each of my subjects. In the end, the experience that we craft for you will be both my pleasure and your privilege to enjoy.

I have a lot of respect for all aspects of the BDSM culture, particularly SSC, which stands for safe, sane, and consensual, and RACK, which stands for risk-aware, consensual kink.
Consent is the key to everything!
Rochester mistress pays close attention
My objective is to establish long-term relationships with my submissives that are characterised by trust, respect, and a sense of safety.
I would much rather make new friends than acquire new business.
In order to ensure that our time together is as enjoyable as possible for both of us, I pay close attention to the setting, ensure your privacy, and treat you with the utmost respect during our sessions.
I know that no matter how well we get to know each other, I will always look forward to the next time we get to spend time together because I know that it will be even more enjoyable than the last.

In the process of organising our session, I will pay close attention to the pre-session communication and the aftercare plans, with the goal of ensuring that you will feel secure and at ease prior to, during, and after your session.

From tame to wild, nurturing and compassionate while still being firm and nice. When you enter my kingdom, you will feel nothing but comfort, with perhaps a little bit of fear mixed in. This is true regardless of what your requirements are. Let us go on an adventure together. Allow me to take you to places that have only existed in your imagination up until now.

It is simple and uncomplicated to schedule a session with me. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their level of experience. You will have to go through a screening process before being considered for the role of Dominatrice at The House of Whispers, just like all of the other Dominatrices here.
A photo ID is required. The use of discretion is both guaranteed and anticipated.
Sexual orientationPansexual

Contact info:

State:New York (NY)
Phone:585-202-6752/text only
Send me an email
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
Dungeon / Playroom

Extra Services:

In person sessions only
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