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Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok

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Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok
Santa Rosa Mistress Lady Liv Ragnarok

About me:

33 year old Female from Oakland, California (CA), USA

Santa Rosa Mistress

Lady Liv Ragnarock

Temptation and ferocity combined

When you come to play with this Santa Rosa Mistress, you will find that the sight of My full, perfect ass and graceful back will leave you trembling. The sight of my long, slender toes is guaranteed to make you salivate like an animal.
My 5'8" statuesque figure will seem to pull you into my orbit like a planet pulls a wayward star.
My thick, plush thighs have the potential to crush you...

However, it is not just these physical characteristics that enfold and ensnare you; there is so much more to it than that.
My dulcet and calming voice can be soft and soothing like warm rain, or it can crackle and rumble like booming thunder.
My eyes flash with a savagery that comes from deep within and a cunning that is supernatural.
You will realise that I am not a typical woman once you have witnessed the grace of My supple, muscular limbs, My regal countenance, and My sharp intellect.
I am a goddess of both sexuality and conflict.

​Santa Rosa Mistress sessions

In every one of my sessions, you can count on my expertise and experience.
My understanding of transgression, taboo practises, and fetishism is exhaustive, on par with that of an encyclopaedia.
My capacity for compassion is vast, and my appetite for pleasure is unquenchable.

At other times, I resemble the icy expanse of a far-off glacier, the softness of a Nordic spring, or the intensity of the sun at midnight.
Strong, tenacious, passionate, and inspired; bawdy and intellectual in nature: I am a conundrum of pungent, feral sexuality and calculating thought that you could never hope to outdo in any way, shape, or form.
You will never be able to win against Me, so let me be the one to chart your course and direct you through this courageous journey.

5'8 "un-shaven and natural appearance, 35 years old, stocky build with a curvaceous appearance.
13 years of experience in the lifestyle industry and over six years of experience in the professional industry.

Fantasy and Recreational Pursuits

These are a few of the BDSM expressions that are among my favourites.
Just let me know if there is something else you want to do that isn't on the list.
I have experienced everything there is to experience, and nothing is too strange or too wild for me to try.
On the other hand, I do not provide sexual services.

ANY and ALL Role Play, with a particular emphasis on Goddess, occult, experimental therapy, and hypnotism fantasy.

Role plays that involve cannibalism, incest, or reverse impregnation are examples of the more bizarre and shocking acts that may be included.

ANY and ALL forms of humiliation, with a particular emphasis on severe forms of humiliation such as race play, bimbo-fication, and slut training.

Gender bending and dress up

The ABDL and the Age Game

Fantasy Based on Cuckoldry

Fantasy of being a Hot Mommy and a Hot Wife... I am HOT!

Playing the Chastity Game and Sounding (please bring your own sounding devices)

Constraint and Difficulty in the Bondage

OTK Spanking

Sessions of Sensual Pleasure, Including Tease and Denial, as well as Foot Worship

CBT only, ranging from light to ball-busting.

The Game of Breath

Toys with Food

The use of water as a form of torture, such as waterboarding


...And I want to hear from you.
Send me an email with details about your fetishes.
I have a passion for discovering new things and testing limits, whether they are mine or yours.
Don't be afraid to suggest something odd, specific, or controversial because there's a good chance I'll enjoy it.
I have a great deal of experience with pretty much every variation of BDSM play.


In addition, I take pleasure in taking the role of the submissive or the switcher during specific activities with other responsible players.


I adore having fun with people of varying sexes, levels of experience, and combinations of partners, including other mistresses.
Sexual orientationPansexual

Contact info:

State:California (CA)
Send me an email
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Adult baby
Ball busting
Breath play
Electric play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
Forced bi
Hard sports / Toilet training
hot wax / Ice play
Water sports
Medical / Needle play
Mummification / restraints
Rope bondage / Suspension
Dungeon / Playroom

Extra Services:

Role Play and Humiliation Specialist!
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