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Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress

Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress
Empress Ravenwood, Ontario Mistress

About me:

45 year old Female from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Empress Ravenwood

Ontario Mistress

Hello, I am Empress Ravenwood the Ontario Mistress. I am a sensual sadist. I love making a submissive's senses go crazy with erotic touch and painful stimulation. I get a kick out of seeing you writhe and squirm in pain and ecstasy because it gives me pleasure.  Because it's just so much fun, I often find myself laughing or gigging while I'm beating, pegging, or engaging in sensation play.

For me, dominance is about the rush and the thrill of being engendered with the trust to wreck someone else's life. Someone who surrenders their entire being to be shaped according to My desires and moulded into My service. When you don't do as I say, I'll be a strict disciplinarian, but when you do what I say, I'll be your caring top.

Here, you can find out more about the current arrangements for dominance and about sessions.

Other ways BDSM can help you

I think that BDSM can be used as a way to look at yourself and try to grow as a person.
I enjoy using kink as a tool to assist others in accomplishing their objectives.
Through acts of service, humility, submission, and sacrifice, I will be able to assist you in becoming a better person.

A BDSM witch in Ontario

I have the ability to hypnotise, enchant, and bewitch. This is the means by which I exert my authority over My Servants.
None of that gloomy-expression nonsense, please. I would like you to look directly into my eyes. I want to see both the awe and the terror on your face. I want to look into the depths of your being while you wonder what kind of depraved test I'm going to put you through next.

I am a practising pagan, and I respect the divine nature of the natural world. I have faith that one can achieve spiritual enlightenment through BDSM. I get a kick out of channelling my inner witch priestess, and I like to incorporate that enjoyment into my kink practise by coming up with rituals for my submissives to carry out in my service.

I am a feminist

Men's dominance is what has led to the dangerous situation in which humanity now finds itself, with a pandemic, climate change, wars, famine, and so on. We can change the course of history by recognising that women are inherently better.
And that begins with you making amends and paying restitution for the tens of thousands of years that women have been oppressed, and that money is going to come out of your posterior as well as your wallet.

Creative Mistress

I am a writer. I write erotica that is filthy, kinky, and full of sensuality.

I am a creator of things. When I'm in the mood to connect with nature, one of my favourite things to do is go wood collecting.
I make kink toys and other wood crafts out of wood. I love the feeling of killing someone with a weapon I made myself.

I am skilled at leatherwork. For my kink toys, I construct custom sub-harnesses as well as carry bags. My specifications are what I make for my submissives.

By submitting the contact form that can be found below, you will be able to place an order for any of these items.
Sexual orientationPansexual

Contact info:

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Breath play
Enforced chastity
Financial domination
Pegging / Fisting
Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
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