Domina Mara

Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara
Domina Mara

About me:

30 years old Female from Los Angeles, California (CA), USA

Domina Mara

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Born in the heart of California, I hail from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood. My career began in 2013 as a professional BDSM player at a local dungeon in Los Angeles, and created a solid foundation for My knowledge of Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, and Sado-Masochism. As a Dominant, My greatest joy is watching you transform into the most humble and genuine submissive with PURPOSE.

My personal stature has been described as female with a masculine perspective. Power exchange and impact will both be harsh or gentle depending on the flick of My wrist, mimicking My fierce and sensual moods. These various methods woven with My skills will challenge you, and reward your efforts with the freedom in mind, body, and soul. As O/our relations evolve, so will your understanding of your deepest secrets, and O/our time together will emerge as a ray of light even during your darkest hours.

❤️ Bondage: Cuffs, rope, special requests [tape, plastic wrap, bandages, etc.].
❤️ Impact: Bare-handed OTK spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, whipping, the works.
❤️ Tease: ...and denial as well as light sensual touching in erogenous zones.
❤️ Role-play: Mistress/slave, Mommy, teacher/student [interchangeable], military/interrogation.
❤️ Disciplinary: Pet, domestic, service, slave, corporal training, and even feminine etiquette.
❤️ Body Worship: Receiving foot and leg worship, muscular massage, hair brushing, etc.
❤️ Sensory: Over-stimulation or deprivation of any of the 5 senses [wax, electricity, ice, scratching, scents].
❤️ Tickle torture: I know all of the sensitive spots...
❤️ Nipple Torture: Clover clips, padded clips, clothespins, fingers, and nails.
❤️ CBT: Chastity, ball-busting, weight training, rope restraints.
❤️ Trampling: Bare feet, stockings, boots, and/or heels.
❤️ Sissification: Application of makeup to completely dressing up from head to toe.
❤️ Breath play: Hand on throat, choke-hold, between my thighs, face smothering, etc.
❤️ Medical play: Nurse or Doctor? The only limitation can be found below.
❤️ Fire Play/Cupping: Therapeutic heating sensations as well as erotic flame play are new to my list!
❤️ Hypnosis: Mind games + control over deep fantasies less difficult to act out fully subconsciously tapped.
❤️ Humiliation: Physical + verbal privately; verbally + limited physical publicly [I love leading by a leash].
❤️ JOI: I love instructing people on how to pleasure themselves...but only after satisfying me first.
❤️ Women/Couples: OH, YES! I am a true pansexual + adore turning on as many individuals as possible.

❤️ Co-Domination: If a multiple Domme session interests you, do send Us both an email with an Introduction, your limits, and We will take it from there.
❤️ Distance Domination: All remote scenes will still be required to go thru the RSVP process. A phone interview will follow if I believe you have potential. Every instruction will challenge you to obey. Rates apply differently and will be discussed after the interview process. Chastity is also available over long distances--inquire via your Introduction.
❤️ Financial Domination: In addition to My appreciation of gifts, I also partake in fine dining, traveling, spa treatments, professional massage, and designer shopping to name a few. Article Here.
❤️ Overnights: Only after O/our relations have progressed to a certain point, will I consider this option.
Hard Limits


♦️ NO SEX: I do not receive penetration or oral sex of any kind; no illegal or unsafe activity; no exceptions.
♦️ No Nudity: I am always coyly covered in some form and manner - especially while being worshipped.
♦️ Switch/Subbing: I am always in command. This means DO NOT top from the bottom or waste My time with written scripts. Energy is organic--let U/us be free-flowing.
♦️ Heavy blood play: Cutting, syringe extraction, or blood cupping.
♦️ Roman/Brown Showers: Unhygienic for play. View POSSESSIONS section for Brown Pre-Orders.
♦️ Smoking: I am a non-smoker. Vaping is acceptable with prior notice. Please respect this and adhere to My DECORUM page.


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